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My little bird and I

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This post is by Advamced 1 TAO YUAN!


My little bird and I


The other day, I saw four little parakeets at the bird shop and took them home. I named them Nene, Homura, Nagi and Miumiu. These four little birds are different types of parakeets.

Nene is a pink-bellied parrot and has pink wings on the back. She looks as if she were a “walking peach”.

Homura is a green-cheeked parakeet and looks like a pineapple.

Nagi is a monk parakeet, and he likes talking very much. Surprisingly, he can say his name and “Good morning”.

Miumiu is a purple-colored budgerigar and the last one I chose at the shop.

Although she is the smallest of the four parakeets, she has the strongest biting force.


Parakeets are very friendly with people. If you start to have parakeets within 20-30 days after being hatched, they will be much more friendly. It is necessary to feed baby parakeets every four hours, 4 times a day, give a moderate temperature and amount of water. They grow very fast, and their feather turns a brighter color in 60 days.





In China, there are only three types of parakeets legally permitted to keep in a house, whereas we can freely have a bigger type of parakeets in Japan, such as grey parrots and macaws. In addition, there are lots of veterinary hospitals. I took my children (parakeets) to a hospital the other day. The hospital is very clean, and doctors are kind and professional. They treat animals as if they were children and keep a medical record of all the pets they have examined before.



Parakeets are more intelligent than cats and dogs. They often stand on the shoulder or head of their owner to win their owner’s favor. Although I have had lots of hard things during studying in Japan, I’ve also had valuable and enjoyable experiences through the process of growing my little parakeets. Moreover, I became much happier than before!








Advanced 1 class TAO YUAN