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Standard Japanese (student visa)

Standard Japanese (student visa)

For students who wish to study one to two years on a Student Visa.
Students learn techniques to pass the Exam for Japanese University Admission, and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, while at the same time developing a natural conversation ability, all based on a foundation of integrated Japanese studies.
Morning or afternoon classes (two-shift system).

Qualifications for Enrollment

12 years of formal education or equivalent, as well as the ability to provide certification required. Exceptions may be made for students who do not intend to pursue admission to an institute of higher education.

*Applicants must at least understand hiragana, katakana, and simple greetings before they start classes.

Course Overview

Elementary Level

Elementary Level

Duration6 months

  • Learn basic grammar and vocabulary
  • Master pronunciation
  • Everyday conversation

Intermediate Level

Duration6 months

  • Master coherent discourse
  • Short essay composition

Advanced Level

Advanced Level

Duration6 months

  • Advanced expression, ability for public speech, debate, and written composition



Duration6 months

  • Ability to understand lectures in universities and vocational schools

Course Content

  1. Solid class focus
    • Students learn kanji, vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing, listening, and conversation.
    • Preparations for the JLPT and EJU are emphasized and mock exams are provided.
    • To meet the students’ needs, complimentary review lessons in grammar and kanji are available for elementary level students and advanced level students take elective classes twice a week.
    • In-depth tutoring is offered for students writing application essays and preparing for interview tests.
    • Understanding of Japanese manners and customs are incorporated throughout the coursework.
  2. For students who are at an appropriate level of Japanese and wish to enter graduate school in Japan, a special preparation class is available.
  3. Support and guidance are provided for students advancing to institutes of higher education. Information is constantly updated and seminars are held throughout the school year.

Application and Admission (4 times a year)

Admission Application Period Duration of Study
(students advancing to other schools)
April Oct – Nov 1 year / 2 years
July Feb – Mar 1 year and 9 months
October Apr – May 1 year and 6 months
January Aug – Sept 1 year and 3 months

*Applicants for the January term must be at JLPT N4 level before enrolling.
*Students who do not plan to advance to other schools may study up to 2 years.

Class Hours

20 classes/week, 760 classes/year

  Monday thru Friday Weekend & National Holidays
Morning Classes 9:15~12:30 no classes
Afternoon Classes 13:00~16:15

Tuition & Fees

Application Fee Admission Fee Tuition (1 year) Total (First year)
¥20,000 ¥80,000 ¥760,000 ¥860,000

(Japanese Yen; 10% consumer tax included)

*Tuition includes textbooks, scheduled school events and student insurance.

Application Procedures & Documents

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