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ISO & Quality

ISO 21001/ 29991 Certified (International Standardization)

We have been certified for ISO since 2017 and are presently certified for ISO21001:2018 and ISO29991:2014 (Japanese Language Education Management System).
We are proud that our management system, instructors, and curricula have received independent affirmation at the international standardization level. We are committed to quality and excellence.

About ISO 21001/29991

This standardization sets the standard for providers to ensure the quality of learning services for education and training.
This is a spin-off of the ISO29990 and sets the standard for language learning services.

Merits for Customers

Merits for Customers

Language learning services are changing at a fast pace. Certification ensures our customers that we always maintain quality while we evolve with time.

Certification Authority

BSI (British Standards Institution), awarded the Royal Charter, is the oldest national standard certification authority.

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