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Day of the Public Bath (Sento)

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As October 10th is the day of the Public Bath, we will take up “bath culture” in Japan.

Sento(銭湯), unlike hot springs, is a type of communal bathhouse located throughout the country. Nowadays more and more people take a bath home or only take a shower. Therefore, the number of Sento has been decreasing. Having said that, it is still very popular and recognized as a place where neighborhood residents can gather and communicate with each other.

Many of Sento have some features of Japanese traditional architecture. You can see a tall chimney rising above the roof. A Japanese curtain, called Noren, and shoes boxes are also unique to Japan.

Above all, what seems most impressing is a mural on which Mt.Fuji is painted.It gives you an expansive view that will make you feel as though you’ve traveled miles and found the serenity of the great outdoors.

It is a relaxing time when we bathe in Sento.
Most of them offer Sauna, cold and whirlpool bath, expected to ease fatigue.
I like bathing after exercise such as jogging!

Why don’t you visit Sento during your study break?