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The Latest Update with YIEA Graduates -University-

Alumni Intro & Activities

We interviewed one of our students graduating from YIEA!
Please check her helpful advice!


She graduated from YIEA Tokyo academy in March 2019 and entered Kyoto Seika University.
She is currently in the Department of Manga and learning character design.
It seems that she has a fulfilling student life by participating in lots of activities, such as producing animation and making small figures with clay.
She became a 3rd grader in university this April and now belongs to her professor’s research group, where she mainly learns illustration.


She left a message to students who aim to enter Kyoto Seika University.

『Whether or not you are confident in your drawing skills, you should improve communication skills in Japanese first. You will have to answer many questions in Japanese when you take an interview test. Please remember that university professors need students who can communicate well in Japanese』