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Interview “How I passed the exam” (University)

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We interviewed one of our students entering a college of the arts.


LIU YAQI (China)


Joshibi University of Arts and Design

Department of Design and Crafts


1.Why did you aim to enter a college of the arts?

– To learn embroidery techniques.

Because my favorite designer is in Japan, I chose the country as study abroad destination.


2.When did you start preparing for the exam?

Since I came to Japan (November 2020), I have been preparing for the exam little by little.


3.What is the most challenging situation you have faced?

In the interview exam, I was not able to talk well about “the difference of embroidery between Japan and China”. Although I have specialized knowledge about the area, it was very difficult to explain it in Japanese.


4.How do you feel about having passed the exam?

I’m very happy with the result. However, I’m a bit worried I won’t fully understand what professors talk about in class.


5.Please give us some tips on how to do well in exams.

Try to practice Japanese conversation a lot and expand your vocabulary.

Not just having specialized knowledge, it is recommended to practice explaining it in Japanese.

It is important to gather enough information about the college or university of your choice.

YIEA teachers also provide support to students by offering mock exams and checking application documents. Therefore, you should not hesitate to talk to them if you need their assistance.


Congratulations! We hope you will have a great school life from April.