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My ambition is to become a first-class chef!

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This article is by a student whose dream is to become a chef.

He wrote about how he spent time in this pandemic situation.

It appears that he has a meaningful time by studying what he likes.



My ambition is to become a first-class chef!


Because of the pandemic, we usually learn Japanese at home. I am familiar with cooking techniques as I learned a lot about them in China. Therefore, I enjoy my spare time in searching for the latest information of cooking! I am especially interested in French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese recipes. I’m studying Japanese hard to find employment or go on to a vocational school next year.

We learn a lot about Japanese grammar and YIEA teachers are very kind to us. I consider that face-to-face classes and online classes are of equal quality of education service.

I’ve rarely thought about “molecular gastronomy”, the scientific approach of nutrition from the perspective of physics and chemistry. The other day, I visited the bookstore and tried reading a book in which a Japanese researcher referred to molecular gastronomy in the world. Although my Japanese still has a long way to go, I think I roughly understood the book.

Lastly, I cooked this in the picture below. I’m also interested in cooking photos and often think about how to take more eye-catching ones!


Intermediate 2 XU YOURONG (China)