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The measures for avoiding「New Coronavirus」(March to April 2020)


As the「New Coronavirus」has been spreading rapidly in Japan, we decided to reschedule classes and cancel our events in order to prevent the virus from spreading.


1)Cancel graduation ceremony.

2)Cancel bus tour

3)February 28th is the last day of class this term. Students will study at home in March.

Students must come to school once on the following date.

Non-graduates:March 2nd(Interview) Graduates:March 4th(reception of graduation certificate)

4)Non-graduates:No final exams this term.  Students will take a class April 6th to April 16th instead.

*For details, check the documents handed in your class.

5)Spring term starts on April 20th.

New students must enter Japan by April 3rd, and stay at home for 2 weeks.

*Calender 2020 revised



 We will continue the following measures.


1)Recommend hand washing and gargling, put a hand sanitizer, open the windows and doors frequently.

2)Clean with a sanitizer everyday (desks, door knobs, stair handrails, elevator buttons)

3)Put a Cleverin (Chlorine dioxide) in every classroom.

4)Advise students not to meet those recently coming from areas where the virus is spreading widely.

5)Ask teachers and students to refrain from visiting other countries.

6)Students re-entering Japan from other countries are prohibited to come to school for 2 weeks and required to measure body temperature everyday in that period.





2020.4 New students’ schedule


1)For 2 weeks before coming to Japan, measure body temperature and keep a record. After arriving in Japan as well, do the same and stay at home for 2 weeks.

2)Enter Japan by April 3rd.  Placement test will be on April 17th.

April 20th is the first day of class spring term.


(We are going to check the situation in the middle of March, and inform the schedule of April.)




We may change the above-mentioned schedule in accordance with the situation, and the latest prevention measures announced by the government. It is reported that the number of patients has been increasing in Japan, and 159 infectious cases have been confirmed as of February 25th. We would appreciate if you could understand the measures.


(The British cruise ship, Diamond Princess has been quarantined in Japan since February 3rd, and 691 infectious cases have been confirmed so far.)


・The first measures for avoiding「New Coronavirus」