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Mini Video Lessons



Video Lessons on Various Topics
These are topic-based lessons by our teachers using the Direct Teaching Method.
We hope you can enjoy the difference between this method and others where another language is used as the teaching medium.                   


Intro.1: basic practice of the Katakana
Intro.2: ikimasu, kimasu, kaerimasru: differences & tense
Intro.3: agemasu, moraimasu: differences & tense
Intro.4: numbers & units
Intro.5: adjectives
Intro.6: verb “-te form” 
Intermediate 1: omnomatopoeia & expressions related to “sleep”
Intermediate 2: omnomatopoeia & expressions related to “eat/ drink”
Intermediate 3: adverbs describing realizations
Intermediate 4: adverbs related to unconscious expressions
Intermediate 5: adverbs describing quantity & extent
Intermediate 6: how to use: wa, bakari, dake, sae
Intermediate 7: idioms involving facial parts