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School to open on June 12th


On May 24th, the Government of Japan has lifted the state-of-emergency declaration nationwide.


YIEA Tokyo Academy will open on the 12th of June (Fri).

For June 12th, school attendance will be staggered.  Please check with your teacher for your assigned time.

All classes will resume as normal beginning June 15th, Monday.


★All students and staff are required to wear masks.

    ➡︎You will not be allowed into the school without a mask.

★We will be asking everyone to gargle and wash hands frequently.    
    ➡︎Please remember to bring a clean handkerchief everyday.


In order for prevention measures to work, everybody must be willing to cooperate. To protect yourself, your classmates, and all teachers, please be a responsible member of the community and act with consideration.


We also need your cooperation in the following infection prevention initiatives.


◆Health Management

   All students, teachers, and staff must check their body temperature before leaving home. If your temperature is 37°C or higher, please DO NOT come to school.  Call the school office. Please do the same if you are feeling unwell and exhibit any symptoms of possible infection.

   Students should take a photo of the thermometer showing their body temperature and email it to the school. We will mark the absence as “Infection Prevention.” 


◆Classroom Space

    We will put extra space in-between seats in the classrooms. For classes with larger number of students, we will be using connecting classrooms to create more space. 


◆Reception & Consultation

    1)Our staff will be wearing face shields when talking with you.

    2)Any consultation concerning Visa Renewal will continue to be by reservation only.

           Students must wear face shields when coming to the reception area.

    3)Visitors will be asked to wear masks and disinfect their hands when entering the school.


◆Face Shields

    Face shields will be handed out to all students and teachers on their first day of school.

    While in the classrooms, please keep your face shields on at all times.

    Only one face shield will be handed out free of charge.  If you need replacements, please purchase on your own or at the school office (150JPY/ piece). 


◆Disinfection and Cleaning

    1)Disinfectants will be provided at the entrances of buildings and inside classrooms.

    2)Disinfection will be carried out twice a day.

    3)Disinfection mat will be placed at the entrances of buildings. Please wipe the bottom of your shoes properly when entering the buildings. (We advise against coming to school in sandals and any open-toed shoes for the time being.)



    Ventilation will be carried out 4~5 times a day at designated intervals. 


◆Food & Drinks Prohibited

    Drinking water and unsweetened tea inside the classroom used to be permitted.  We are changing the policy to absolutely no eating or drinking inside the classrooms since masks and face shields will be required at all times.  Please stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before/ after classes. Take care to face away from other people when taking off your mask for drinking. If you should feel the need to hydrate yourself during class, just let your teacher know and be excused to go outside the classroom.



    All smoking areas will be removed. Please do not smoke in or around the school.  Smoking on the streets or around the train stations are also prohibited by city regulations and may also be an annoyance to the neighborhood.



*We have received generous donations of disposable masks from our Malaysian and Chinese graduates. 

    Each student and teacher will be receiving  5 masks on their first day.