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Spring term, Summer term schedule change and various precautions


We inform you about the schedule adjustment for our spring and summer term to prevent
the spread of the "new coronavirus" infection.
Spring term: May 11 th – July 7 th (Final exam)
Summer term: July 20 th – September 30 th (Final exams)
* Summer holidays: August 8 th to 16 th
* Orientation and Placement test for new students will be conducted before the class start
date. For details, refer to the calendar.
* Calendar for 2020 (Revised schedule)
April New Students’ Policy
1)2 weeks before you enter Japan, take your temperature every day and record it, after
arriving in Japan, stay at home for 2 weeks, take your temperature every day.
2)Students of nationalities who have their own departure restrictions and Japanese
entry restrictions:
Get your visa and book your flight as soon as possible. Contact the school as soon as you
know your arrival in Japan.
Continuing students: makeup classes for March
The continuing student makeup classes for them will be held from April 20 th to May 1 st .
1)On April 20 th , students will come to school at a different time.(Time schedule for each
class will be notified as soon as it is decided.)
2)Please bring your passport, or you will not be permitted to enter the classroom. If you
re-enter Japan after April 6 th , you will need to stay at home for two weeks. We ask for your
understanding and cooperation as it is a measure to protect the health of all.
Continued measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections
1) Washing hands, encouraging gargling, and installing a hand sanitizer. Thorough
2) Daily cleaning with disinfectant (desks, doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, etc.)
3) Open the classroom windows to improve ventilation.
4) Guidance to avoid contact with people coming to Japan from the transmission
(epidemic) area.
5) Request that all teachers and students refrain from traveling outside of Japan.
6) Re-entrants will be prohibited to attend the class for two weeks (measuring daily body
The above measures will be changed according to changes in the epidemic situation and
the announcement of policies by the government.