We provide guidance and support to students to ensure
that they can get into the schools of their first choice.



College Guidance ① (March)
 Students receive information on Japanese educational system, school categories, schools open to international students, and how to prepare for entrance exams.

College Guidance ② (June)
 Learn detailed application process, including schedule, required documents and qualifications.

College Fair

TOKYO ACADEMY College Fair (June)
 We invite recruiters/teachers from vocational schools and universities to set up booths.
They present to our students information on entrance exams and curricula of different majors and courses.

College Fairs (June – September)
 Students participate in college fairs held at various venues to collect information on vocational schools, universities and graduate schools.

Exam Season

 Entrance exams for vocational schools start in August, universities start in October.
 We help students improve their interview skills and give them advices to increase their chances of admission.