What makes us special



Proficiency in Japanese is an indispensable “tool” for you to achieve your goals.
Our curriculum includes grammar, vocabulary, expression, and exam prep seminars, with emphasis on what you would need to achieve your goals in Japan. The first step toward success is “to be able to do many things on your own” using Japanese. We highly recommend that you put into practice what you have learnt in class.

YIEA Tokyo Academy and Students

We emphasise on a Japanese language education which helps students achieve real life goals.The majority of students are in their twenties, and 200-300 students from various countries join us every year.

Curriculum and Teachers

All our teachers are native speakers of Japanese and qualified language instructors.All classes are taught in accordance with our prescribed curriculum; students use the same textbooks across classes of the same level.


For maximum efficiency, we utilize the “direct method” of language teaching where only Japanese is used in class.Students from different countries all communicate in Japanese. The number of students in each class is kept about eighteen to ensure personal care to each student.
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